Our secure state of the art dictation, transcription, distribution and interface software is from Crescendo Systems, a leading provider.

Crescendo Systems Security

File Transmission

MyDocsOnLine, a secure file transfer web site, is utilized for some applications.

MyDocsOnLine Security

Fax Service

Fax87 is used for receiving faxes and also for sending some faxes.

Fax87 Security

Remote Access

LogMeIn is used for remote computer access.

LogMeIn Security

Data Center

Cologix is the Data Center where our IT Hub is located. This Facility has compelling power, cooling, security and connectivity systems.

Cologix Data Center


Administrative access to our network is limited to IT/MIS and top management.

Our secure production environment is behind proven NAT and deep packet inspection firewall technologies.

All data is subject to continuous inspection against all known viruses and spywares.

A combination of onsite and offsite backup strategies has been implemented to protect vital data.

Employees and pertinent business associates sign confidentiality statements.