Dictate - Phone

Our secure state of the art system offers a full range of easy to use features.

973-828-8100 dial to dictate

Press as prompted.
Begin dictating at tone.
State your name and report type.
Spell patient name if unusual.
State patient number if needed.
Speak clearly.
Hang up to end or press #.

After pressing any Function Key other than 2, 6 or 8, you must press 2 to return to record mode (otherwise, you are not recording).

Function Keys:

7 priority
6 new Job on same phone call
4 play last few words
2 to end in record mode
8 save Job to complete later
1 stop
3 rewind to beginning
5 forward 5 seconds
0 play
# play Job No. and disconnect
* 9 play Job No.
* 0 rewind
* 5 delete from point pressed until * 5 is pressed again (text being deleted plays)
* 6 delete from point pressed to end
* 7 insert from point pressed until 1 (stop) is pressed
* 8 record over existing dictation from point pressed until 1 (stop) is pressed
* 1 play list of saved Jobs

After pressing 8 to save Job to complete later, you are prompted that you have a "Suspended Job" the next time you log on to dictate. When prompted press * 1 to hear a list of "Suspended Jobs". Then press 0 during or immediately after the Job Header plays to re-enter the Job. You are now back in the Job at the end. Press 2 to return to record mode.