Fax-Email Direct Service


It is our understanding that some doctors routinely have their staff fax or e-mail transcripts directly to recipients prior to review and signature.

Metro Transcription Service offers Fax/E-mail Direct Service in response to clients requesting this service.

"Dictated, but not read" is set in the template.

Our Cover Sheet accompanies all directly faxed/e-mailed Jobs.

Fax and E-Mail Cover Sheet

Our transcriptionists are instructed to only allow Jobs to be directly faxed/e-mailed if in their opinion they are reasonably confident that the transcript is of final draft quality.

If the transcriptionist has an issue with a Job they are instructed to clearly indicate the issue at the top of the Job, and uncheck the recipient distribution, and then wait for the client to review their copy of the Job and fax or e-mail the revision(s), so the revision(s) can then be forwarded to the transcriptionist to complete the Job.

Faxing/e-mailing is highly automated.

Our data base of recipient fax numbers and e-mail addresses is extensive.

Transcriptionists are carefully selected for this premium service.

E-mailed Jobs are set to be password protected.

Clients who opt for Fax/E-mail Direct Service are responsible for promptly reviewing their copy of Jobs and appropriately following up if necessary.

If interested in this premium service, please call 973-542-2275, or e-mail sales@metrotranscription.com, for additional information, pricing and references.