50 years of experience

Transmit voice files, dictate by phone, or have us remotely access your own dictation system.

Dictation is promptly transcribed by directly employed transcriptionists, with years of significant medical transcription experience, who in our opinion are all of the caliber of a Lead Transcriptionist or Transcription Supervisor.

Our goal is always a first draft that requires minimal to no handling.

Our expertise includes reports, correspondence and office notes for all specialties.

Demographic records can be received and incorporated.

Header lines with set demographic field positions, file formats and file naming conventions can be highly customized for uploading to Patient Folders.

Batch summary reports can be highly customized.

Fax/E-mail Direct service is available.

State of the art technology (MedRite-XL, DigiScribe-XL) combined with significant support and years of industry experience, enable us to meet the needs of large and complex applications.

Many clients simply require that we securely transmit files in MS Word format, with a tailored file naming convention.

Letterhead, templates and inserts are easily accommodated.

Tailored entry screens enable us to highly customize instructions.

Our IT hub is securely located in a high level data center (meets Tier 4 specifications per Uptime Institute).

Extensive references developed over 50 years are gladly provided.

Please call us 866-457-4381, ext. 2, or e-mail, and also explore our website.

Our entire staff looks forward to serving you!