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- Medical Transcription Specialists -

Metro Transcription Service provides quality medical transcription.

All of our transcriptionists work directly for us and are of the caliber of a Lead Transcriptionist or Transcription Supervisor.

Our goal is always a first draft that requires no editing.

Telephone dictation is convenient and easy, or transmit voice files.

The comprehensive dictation, transcription, distribution and interfacing software we utilize is designed to accommodate client customization.

Many clients simply need jobs returned in MS Word format.

Letterhead and forms are tailored.

Jobs can be securely e-mailed, web transferred or faxed.

Our Servers are in a secure state of the art Data Center.

HIPAA guidelines are adhered to.

References developed over 53 years are gladly provided.

Please call 973-542-2275 or e-mail sales@metrotranscription.com for more information.

Our entire staff looks forward to serving you.